Sid and Irv are business partners

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Sid and Irv are business partners. They make the deal that whichever a single dies first will contact the living one in the afterlife. So Irv passes away. Sid doesn’t hear from him for about a year, numbers there is no afterlife. Then one day this individual gets a call. Really Irv. “So there is an the grave! What’s it like?” Sid asks. ‘Well, I sleep very late. I get up, have a big breakfast. Then I have sex, lots of sexual intercourse. Then I go back sleep, yet I get up for lunch time, have a big lunch. Have some more sex. Take a nap. Large dinner. More sex. Go to sleep, and wake up the next day.” “Oh, my god,” says Sid “So that is what heaven is like?” “Oh no,” says Irv. “I’m not within heaven. I’m a endure in Yellowstone Park.”

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